More Information about Children at our Weekends of Music

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  1. Can families participate fully?
  2. What if I want a break from my children?
  3. How does it really work?
  4. Does the family programming affect the adults?
  5. Can I talk to a person?
  6. Enjoy yourself!
  1. Can families and their children participate fully?

    All of our weekends have opportunities for families and children to participate in the programs.  In order to plan age appropriate activities for children, we must know in advance so that we add these activities.  We will also advise you which adult activities are especially children friendly.  The facilities are generally children friendly. We have been able to arrange for a very low rate on our Fall weekends for children, and we want this weekend to be especially welcoming for families. On all weekends we try to put families in rooms near each other. This allows the babysitter/youth activities coordinator to use one room for a sleeping room for the younger children and one as a quiet play room for older ones during the evening concert. We work out these arrangements with the parents. ... To top of page
  2. Will there be only workshops for adults?

    There will be a number of workshops that children can enjoy.  If possible, we’d like families to register at least one month in advance. Once we know the ages of the children, we can design workshops around them. Be aware that most workshops are at least an hour and younger children may not have the patience to stay the whole time. A parent or responsible adult needs to be at the workshops with the children. ...  To top of page
  3. What if I’d like a break from my children?

    When we have four or more children, we will provide a babysitter or youth activities coordinator for around 2 hours during the day and for the evening concert(s). There will not be babysitting at the same time as a family workshop. The exact times and the activities depend on the ages of the children and the interests of those who wish to take advantage of this service. We work out the details with the parents at the weekend. If there are enough teenagers, we can set up something for them. The FMSNY pays for the babysitter, but if you use this service, a small tip is often appreciated. ...  To top of page
  4. How does it really work?

    Babysitting allows parents to take advantage of some of the workshops and the concert.   Interacting with other parents, and of course the folk music community has always been very special. To be surrounded by music, not only in the workshops, but all around as people play and sing wherever there is space, is soothing and exciting all at once. It is a time to share with your child a love of making one’s own music, away from distractions such as TV and video games. We try to set up a situation where you can have some adult experiences as well as those you share with your children. ...  To top of page
  5. I have no children. How will the family programming affect me?

    These weekends are meant for adults. Providing a program for the children and babysitting helps our participants enjoy having the children around without having them disturb the workshops. Parents are still responsible for their children. Our family workshops usually include participants who do not have children with them. They may be teachers who need some ideas, people who like that specific workshop and those who enjoy being with children. ...  To top of page
  6. I have more questions, can I talk to a person?

    If you have questions about the children on these weekends, please call the Folk Music Society's Program Chair, Eileen Pentel at 718-672-6399.  .  To top of page
  7. Be prepared to enjoy yourself.

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