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COLLEGIUM LP records (must be ordered by mail or phone)

 Mail Order Price


Music of the Ars Nova

@ 6.00 _____


Music in Honor of the Blessed Virgin

@ 9.00 _____


The Italian Trencento

@ 6.00 _____


Music of Eastern Europe

@ 9.00 _____


Fifteenth Century Motets

@ 6.00 _____


A Composite Missa L'Homme Arme

@ 9.00 _____


Motets for Christmas

@ 6.00 _____


Mass for Christmas

@ 6.00 _____


Music In Praise of Women

@ 9.00 _____


Musical Metamorphoses

@ 6.00 _____


In Praise of Women/Metamorphoses

out of stock


Music of the Reformation & Counter Reformation

@ 6.00 _____


Music of the Henrys of England

@ 9.00 _____

Compact Disks ** (may be ordered on-line) 


The French Ars Antiqua

out of stock


Reformation & Counter Ref./Henrys of England

@15.00 _____


Music of the Reformation & Counter Reformation

@15.00 _____


Music of the Henrys of England I

@15.00 _____


Music of the Henrys of England II

@15.00 _____

Complete Sets



____LP+ Set

LP's: 101-103, 105-117, 119-120 
+ CD's 104 & 118**

@85.00 _____

(mail or phone only)

____LP/CD Set

LP's: 101-103, 105-116 & CD's 104+117-120**

@100.00 _____

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**NOTE: all CD's are recorded to order on CDR media with no labels but a copy of the original album notes is included. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery for made to order CD's.
If ordering by mail, please make check or money order in US funds payable to "Collegium Sound, Inc." or if ordering online, paypal will accept credit cards.
e-mail contact: Don (at)
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